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  Eastern Europe is increasingly considered an alternative to traditional 'outsourcing' destinations. A highly skilled workforce, shorter journey times, smaller time-zone differences, European language skills and Western culture all contribute to this attraction.


  Companies in the US and Western Europe are increasingly turning to Eastern Europe for outsourcing and systems development needs. Offshore outsourcing is on the rise in this region - especially in countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus and the Baltic countries. A reduction in development costs is not the only reason for outsourcing; in addition, most advantages to offshore outsourcing to Eastern Europe are connected to the political stability, government commitment to the industry, highly skilled labor force and minimal socio-cultural differences found in these countries. Favourable taxation allows tax-free activities and substantial reduction of production costs.


  Ukraine  is a country abundant with talented, highly skilled and well-educated individuals who as a result of the regional location have a better understanding of Western European and North American culture than its main counterparts Asia (India), China and Russia.


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