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Turn-key concept

  Many potential clients are in need of reliable local partner who will take care of starting matters, company registration, employment possibilities, purchase and repair of production facilities, import of equipment and customs procedures. Relevant training and educational support is a vital element in turn-key projects developed by Proconsult.


  Key performance indicators for starting business in Ukraine

Available qualified employees

- 73 traditional sewing companies in the region, possibility to buy, rent or subcontract.

- A network of specialized schools for the new employees and technical colleges for technicians / middle production management.

- 18% of population employees in textile / apparel.

Low production costs

- Average salary for a sewing operator 150 USD / month.

- Possibility to produce in 2 / 3 shifts.

- High production efficiency.

Logistics conveniences

- Close proximity to Polish, Hungarian (future EU border) only 60 km from Lviv.

- Available infrastructure.

- Reliable truck / railway transportation.

Legal basis

- Legislation on protection of Foreign Investment in Ukraine.

- State guarantees for foreign investment.

- Possibility to buy and own the land.

- Favourable legislation on subcontracting.

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